This has to be one of the most challenging times in modern history to be a parent of school aged kids.  If schools are open, is it safe for kids to go?  How can parents work from home while their kids go to school online?  What do parents do who cannot work from home, but their kids schools are closed?  How can parents deal with the anxiety of loss of income while trying to lead their households?
Listen as I speak with Natasha Solovieff, a nurse and author of The Dance of Parenting talk about her coined acronym, L.O.V.V.E. which stands for  L=listening O= Om moment V= Visualizing and Voicing E= Exploring. She gives practical advice on how to navigate this time in our lives.

You can find all of Natasha’s resources here:

Episode 4: We Can All Use Some LOVVE Right Now

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