Welcome to the New Normal: Mother, Wife, Worker,  and Sort-Of Teacher

As a mom, I knew that anything being called the “new normal” was going to be anything but that.  What I didn’t realize was how absolutely abnormally insanely, upside down, keep your foot on the gas pedal, but you can’t go anywhere crazy this was actually going to be.

Here we are.

Like most moms, I am first, thankful that I haven’t pulled all of my hair out from being in a house with my children for all these months.  From preparing 21 meals a week (well, not quite thanks to carryout) …to snacks….to trying to learn how to be a teacher…to also holding down a job.

COVID-19 upended the lives of every mother I know. This podcast isn’t to talk about the impact of the virus on society, but the very real impact it’s had on the day-to-day lives of people everywhere.

Raising kids was never easy. Now the difficulty has been compounded. It’s even harder, because dang, I learned I don’t know much past a third grade math level.

 I firmly believe we will get through this together. By sharing stories of the quarantine, we can all learn how absolutely crazy this has all been for all of us.

If you don’t laugh…you’ll cry. And really, who has a place to cry? It’s not the bathroom. That’s reserved for the three minutes of silence we all try to get from the kids while they are knocking at the door.