On top of trying to be a teacher, fight an invisible virus, and stay sane, can you imagine losing your income and try to keep a roof over your family’s head?  On this episode, I speak to Lashondra Graves, The Apartment Lady who founded the Apartment Housing and Rentals Foundation.  Listen as she explains the complex history of housing in America.

Click here to view & print the tenant declaration form that was mentioned during this episode.

See more information about Lashondra Graves, The Apartment Lady non-profit organization here.

Here is Lashondra Graves’ bio:

Lashondra Graves, founder of Apartment Housing and Rentals Foundation {The Apartment Lady}had a vision as a child that she would be able to teach people how to live. Growing up with meager beginnings herself, she is no stranger struggling. For years she volunteered for several organizations in many different industries. During her volunteer work, she realized the organizations she worked with never tackled the problem, there was no compassion. There was no real love for people and solutions were temporary. Seeing that there was no real help for working homeless families, she decided to start there.

God told her to start a housing group on Facebook. Immediately following the creation of this group,she started writing a book. Once the book was published, God told her to go and look at the groupand to her surprise, the group had over 8,000 people in it asking for help. Her vision to make an impact in the world started there. She started using all her free time helping people find apartments.One family turned into 5 and then 5 turned into 20. The rest is history in the making.The Apartment Lady founded this Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation and began creating processes that will allow her to help hundreds of thousands of families. She is committed to changing the world by preventing homelessness one family at a time.

LaShondra has over 20 years of business, social services and higher education experience. Her entrepreneurial spirit provides her with extensive project management experience which includes the ability to lead, manage and develop effective programs. She is currently on the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association. 
As a social media expert, Shondra has provided consultative services to Non- Profit Organizations,Small Business and Government Entities. She is a Fellow Professor, at Robert Morris University where she teaches Social Media, I-Center, Business & Career Management Courses. LaShondra serves on several Non-Profit Boards, Advisory Teams and provides mentoring for business owners & new professors.

Episode 6: The Looming Housing Crisis

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