What is really going on around the world with COVID-19? I watch the news and see the images, but I never get to hear the perspective of everyday people like me. 

I was fortunate to be able to talk to people who come from vastly different backgrounds who live Nigeria, Australia, and Ireland.

As I spoke to them for this episode, A Whole New World, it really struck me that we are more alike than different. Regardless of race, sex, or socioeconomic status, we all what to return to normal, we all are okay with enduring inconveniences for the greater good of humanity, and we all lament the loss of life.  

Please listen as I interview a medical student & screenwriter, a co-founder of a travel agency, a dentist, and an ice cream shop owner.

Thank you for sharing your stories Oluwakamisi Adebisi, Adedamola Idowu, Georgia, and Nicole Morelli!

Here is more information on all the interviewees:

I’ve time stamped this episode for your convenience:

Episode 2: A Whole New World

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